Canvas Gallery Wrap Displays:

Sarah is honored to have her work and Canvas Gallery Wraps featured on the walls of the following medical offices and local business.  It gives her such joy seeing her adorable clients up on the walls of these great care locations and knowing that the staff and patients there are enjoying them so much.

Austin Regional Clinic - South OB/GYNClick here to see my displays there.

Renaissance Women's Group - Dr. Mills & Dr. Montalvo's Exam Rooms: Click here to see my displays there.

Austin Maternal Fetal Medicine - South Location: Click here to see my displays there. {Installed 2014}

Austin Maternal Fetal Medicine - Cedar Park: Click here to see our gorgeous displays. {Installed 2017}

Petite Dental & Orthodontics: Click here to see their beautiful office featuring our work!  {Installed 2017}

Austin Scoops: Features some of our work.  {Installed 2014}


Professional Photographers of America: 

Sarah has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since 2011.


Featured Interview: 

Sarah is honored to have been featured in an interview on The Work at Home in March of 2011 after just starting her business. A lot has changed since then, but click here for that fun story.


Giving Back to the Austin Community: 

And visit our "GIVING BACK" page here to see how Miles of Smiles Photography enjoys giving back to our community.