Sunday, May 27th (pm), 2018*

This date was rescheduled due to the weather we had on May 20th.  A few families had their sessions on May 20th, but I have secured two more ponies to use on May 27th.  One is a white pony with sweet pink nose (named Takota), and one is a brown and white paint pony (named Sissy).  


Sunday, May 20th (pm), 2018

These sessions are going to be PURE MAGIC!  We will have REAL HORSES/Unicorns!  One small white pony Unicorn (named Star) for the little girls, as well as a regular sized white horse Unicorn (named Stormy) for the older girls.  

Spots sell out SO quickly for these.  We will be offering them every year, and announcing them to our Email Newsletter group.  CLICK HERE to add yourself to that list and be the first to know about any of our specials.  (We only send 10-12 emails a year, and do not share your info.)

Registration/payment information is below, and includes dates and times of sessions.
  Your gals can wear our dresses, or you can wear your own (See WHAT TO WEAR info. below).  We will also have beautiful floral halos for the girls to wear, as well as garland for the unicorn's neck, and more pretty things!  We will snuggle, kiss, pet, and love on the Unicorns, as well as have a super adorable TEA PARTY with the unicorns! 

Click here for our "Unicorn Gallery" of images.

These sessions are geared for girls ages 2-13 years, and up to 2 people can be in each time slot, but extra time is not allotted for more than 1 person.  For 0-1 year old girls, they can definitely still be in sessions, but Mommy will need to be in the images and holding them.  (Imagine the sweetness of that!)  We may also have a high-chair for them to enjoy sitting in while interacting with the Unicorn.  


  • $340 + tax   (A $650 value!)
  • This includes the session fee, a GORGEOUS Heirloom Wood Print (16x16 round, or an 11x14 - click here for those), and that digital image as a download! (a $650 value!)
  • AND, you get 30% OFF OUR DIGITAL ART PRICING (digital images that you can print and share!) at your Order & Design Appointment!!  No minimum purchase is required on these Unicorn mini-sessions.

  • ORDERING INFO: About 1-1.5 weeks after our mini-sessions, we will have a 20-minute in-person Order & Design Appointment (in 78739), where I will walk you through beautiful prints of your images and you will get to select your amazing Heirloom Wood Print (a 16x16 round, or an 11x14 - click here for info. on those) which also you get that image digitally.  And you may also purchase any additional artwork (Canvas Gallery Wraps, Albums, Heirloom Woods, Prints, etc.) or digital images (30% off digitals!!).  BONUS: Any image you purchase digitally from us will also come as a free 5x7 professional print.

  • Digital Pricing WITH your 30% discount for May 2018 Unicorn Sessions:
    {BONUS: Every digital image you purchase comes with a professional 5x7 print too!}

  • 20 digital images (& 5x7 prints) for $840 (normally $1200)
  • 15 digital images (& 5x7 prints) for $735 (normally $1050)
  • 10 digital images (& 5x7 prints) $560 (normally $800)
  • 5 digital images (& 5x7 prints) $350 (normally $500)  
  • + Texas sales tax.


Check out all of the amazing heirloom quality PRODUCTS we offer here.  There is a Product Guide, as well as individual areas that will show you more about each item. 



  • Click on the link below, and click on "2018 UNICORN MINIS". 
  • http://www.milesofsmilesphotography.com/registrations/registrations/2018-unicorn-mini-sessions
  • Once you register and payment is made (online using link above), Sarah will follow up with Client Paperwork, liability form, and more details.  
  • *Please note: Due to the custom nature of these mini-sessions, there are NO REFUNDS. {If a cancellation is unavoidable, you may apply payment toward a 2018 session using our regular 2018 pricing.}


  • We have AMAZING dresses that your girls (ages 0-10) are welcome to wear.  If you're interested in any of the dresses, please email Sarah ASAP so she can pull that dress for you.  (See Gallery of dresses and sizes below.  Email her with your top choice and if you have one, a second choice.)  Email her here.
  • If you would like to wear your own dress, see below for some tips / great dresses to look for.  
  • GALLERY OF DRESSES: Coming soon - see below!


GALLERY OF DRESSES YOU CAN USE (or feel free to provide your own):




What to Wear TIPS:

  • Think timeless, precious, more muted colors, and NOT overly patterned or super bright colors.  
  • Don't forget about the shoes.  Something simple, sparkly, etc.
  • FINGERNAILS are hugely important here.  Be sure fingernails are clean and free of polish, or give them a light colored polish right before heading to the session.
  • If ordering dress(es), be sure to ORDER EARLY - and double check that they will arrive in time!

  • ZULILY.comType in "GIRLS SPECIAL OCCASION DRESSES"  Be sure they will arrive on time.
  • AMAZON: Type in "GIRLS TUTU DRESSES."  or "GIRLS BALL GOWNS"  or "FLOWER GIRL DRESSES."  (Make sure they will arrive on time (PRIME shipping is best!), and you may want to order 2 just in case one doesn't fit.)
  • POSH PEANUT: We loooove their dresses!  Be sure they'll arrive on time before ordering.  https://poshpeanut.com/collections/dresses
  • ELE STORY: https://www.elestory.com
  • IN AUSTIN: Crazy 8, Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom, etc.  Again, think timeless, simple, classic.  No crazy patterns or bright colors.